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We have a lot of experience organizing conferences and large meetings.  You have the ideas - let us help you make it happen.

We have been primary organizers of the following events:

  • NM Wellness Symposium:

    • A symposium focusing on alternative care and integrative medicine. 

    • 35 exhibitors, 40 speakers and over 250 attendees

  • Spies, Lies & Nukes

    • An intensive two-day conference that brings together experts with extraordinary experiences and access to the highest levels of US policy-makers.  Our speakers consist of legendary intelligence officers who will discuss their perspectives and experiences on cyber warfare, covert action, international affairs, and nuclear proliferation.


  • BrainSTIM meetings: 

    • One of the only meetings to focus on the combination of brain imaging & stimulation – this meeting brings together experts from around the world and provides students with the opportunity to present and learn from the best.

    • Well over 20 countries are represented

    • An average of 130 attendees, 6 keynote speakers, 15 presentations and over 40 poster presentations

      • 2015 – Honolulu, HI

      • 2016 – Geneva, Switerland

      • 2017 – Vancouver, BC

      • 2018 – Singapore

      • 2019 - Rome


  • AAGTS Annual Gifted Conferences (Albuquerque Association for Gifted & Talented Students)  from 2012 – 2017

    • This annual meeting serves to educate parents and educators about methods for teaching and advocating for gifted students.

    • Nationally known keynote speakers, workshops for parents & educators, vendors & exhibitors.

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