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Identifying and understanding how activities are done in your organization or team is the first step in defining your process. 


Why define your process?

  • So that everyone can follow the same steps and know that the same outcome will be achieved.

  • So that the current strengths and weaknesses of that process can be identified and assessed

  • To determine how to improve activities to make people more effective, less frustrated and to better use the resources that are available​



Often, the difficulties and issues that are apparent are only the symptoms of the real problem.  

Process mapping and process definition help determine the root cause of the issues so that real solutions can be discussed and implemented. Process mapping is a method and tool that is used to obtain and document information from your subject matter experts.

Services Offered:

  • Discussions with leadership to understand the pain points

  • Interviews with subject matter experts (mapping sessions)

  • As-Is and To-Be process maps

  • Process definition documentation

  • Implementation plan and options

  • Goals identified and measurement methods defined

Results Achieved:

  • A means of communicating roles and responsibilities 

  • Identification of critical interfaces

  • Discovery of bottle-necks and single points of failure

  • Identification of wasted resources and time

  • Opportunities for improvement

  • A path forward for continuance improvement​

  • Every improvement must add value

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